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      Why Galaxy Trampolines You Ask?

      At Galaxy Trampolines it is much more than making a sale, its about building relationships, its about building long lasting trust with our customers. At Galaxy Backyard we will provide the best sales and service experience for our customers period. We aim to lend our unbiased knowledge and experience to improve our customers overall satisfaction each and every day. We will provide an unparalleled customer service experience through teamwork and dedication to our craft.

      Safety, Durability and Unlimited Jumping Pleasure!

      What makes Galaxy Backyard the best choice? We guarantee the highest quality products with continual focus on safety and innovation! Our safety team focuses on developing structures to ensure that every part of our trampolines are strong and safe. Our products and materials are designed to withstand many weather conditions and are independently tested by specialists such as TUV and Intertek. The protective padding, for example, is not only UV and wear-resistant, it also provides that extra layer of security integrating perfectly with the jump mat. When you choose Galaxy Backyard you choose QUALITY and safety. Experience the Galaxy difference!

      Design, Innovation and Sustainability

      A trampoline is a large object in any yard. That’s why we invest a great deal of time and attention into the overall design of the various models that we offer to our customers. Galaxy works on the basis of conscious choices and believes that product sustainability is an important aspect to being relevant to our customer in years to come. Galaxy and its vendors pay particular attention to environmental friendliness in all we do.

      Safety First

      Parents should not have to worry about the safety of toys. Children should be able to enjoy carefree and uninhibited play. That’s why safety is paramount for all Galaxy Products. Safety is constantly taken into consideration - from the early development stage of a new product.